Advertising is available on the mapping page of There are two spots for ads. One is a rotating banner in the upper right corner. There will be a maximum of twenty rotating ads in this space. With each page view the ad will change randomly. The other place for ads is in the lower right corner where you can print a map or report. This is a static ad that can appear for one month at a time.

The old county web mapping site received over 560,000 page views in the month of May 2005. We fully expect the new site to greatly exceed that number given the new features and ease of use. This is a unique opportunity for you to gain a lot of visibility targeted specifically at viewers interested in real estate and land.

Advertisers are limited to the following businesses and individuals:

Commercial Banks, Savings Institutions, Credit Unions, Tittle Insurance Companies, Real Estate Agents and Managers, Mortgage Bankers and Brokers, Title Abstract Offices, Land Subdividers and Developers, Building/Construction General Contractors and Operative Builders, Engineers, Architects, and Surveyors.

The cost of the ads are:

A rotating banner ad is $200 per month for a 12 month contract, $250 a month for a 6 month contract and $300 a month for a 3 month contract.

The static ad is $400 per month for a one month period. You can only purchase one month at a time.

The ads are sold on a first-come-first-served basis so please contact us (or call 509-574-2990) if you are interested. We will maintain a waiting list if we sell out any of the ads.

We can link the ad to your web site provided it meets the County's acceptable use policy.

Download and view an advertising contract.

We will display the web site statistics on this page as soon as we accumulate enough data. The statistics will show the number of page views by hour and day of the week and the number of map and report prints as well as other general site information.