Permit Applications

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Case NumberApplicantApplicationThreshold DeterminationNoticeComments DueHearing NoticeRecommendationHearing DateFinal DecisionDecision DateLocation Map
SUB2015-00048Borton and SonsPDF DocumentN/APDF Document2/23/17N/AN/A N/A Location Map
CUP2015-00037Rowley - Granite NWPDF DocumentPDF DocumentPDF Document2/16/17N/AN/A N/A Location Map
SEP2015-00016Rowley - Granite NWPDF DocumentPDF DocumentPDF Document2/16/17N/AN/A N/A Location Map
SUB2015-00074Dennis CarlsonPDF DocumentN/APDF Document01/21/16N/AN/A N/A Location Map
VAR2016-00050Yakima Cooperative AssociationPDF DocumentN/APDF Document1/3/17N/AN/A N/A Location Map
CUP2016-00115Lee Byoung Jo - Church of LovePDF DocumentN/APDF Document4/3/17N/AN/A N/A Location Map
CUP2016-00019 SEP2016-00007FRH Enterprises Windmill EstatesPDF DocumentN/APDF Document4/21/16N/AN/A N/A Location Map
VAR2016-00056Leonard BozinPDF DocumentN/APDF Document3/2/17N/AN/A N/A Location Map
WET2016-00014Tim CardaPDF DocumentN/APDF Document03/20/17N/AN/A N/A Location Map
SEP2016-00011Yakima County Water Resources DivisionPDF DocumentN/APDF Document8/30/16N/AN/A N/A Location Map
CUP2016-00080 SEP2016-00030Sajaca LLC Bio-GroPDF DocumentPDF DocumentPDF Document12/16/16N/AN/A N/A Location Map
CUP2016-00113 SEP2-16-00046Martin & Lori ClevengerPDF DocumentN/APDF Document3/13/17N/AN/A N/A Location Map
SUB2016-00039James & Ramona Fletcher TrustPDF DocumentN/APDF Document2/21/17N/AN/A N/A Location Map
ZON2016-00004 SEP2016-00042 SSE2016-00070John RaneyPDF DocumentPDF DocumentPDF Document12/27/16PDF DocumentN/A3/16/17N/A3/16/17Location Map
CUP2016-00118Yakima Co. Flood Control Dist.PDF DocumentN/APDF Document1/4/17PDF DocumentPDF Document2/14/17PDF Document3/16/17Location Map
CUP2016-00131 VAR2017-00004Sylvia & Carl KellerPDF DocumentN/APDF Document4/10/17N/AN/A N/A Location Map
SUB2016-00045Tad LedinPDF DocumentN/APDF Document2/13/17N/AN/A PDF Document3/16/17Location Map
WET2017-00001 SEP2017-00002Yakima Co. Public ServicesPDF DocumentN/APDF Document3/28/17N/AN/A N/A Location Map
CUP2017-00004 SEP2017-00001Templo Cristiano De Las Asambleas de DiosPDF DocumentN/APDF Document3/22/17N/AN/A N/A Location Map
SUB2017-00002Curtis Gilbert Family LLCPDF DocumentN/APDF Document4/3/17N/AN/A N/A Location Map
CUP2017-00006 SEP2017-00003LS Wapato LLCPDF DocumentN/APDF Document2/21/17N/AN/A N/A Location Map
CUP2017-00008 SEP2017-00004Carpenter Ranches, LLCPDF DocumentN/APDF Document3/30/17N/AN/A N/A Location Map
SUB2017-00003Arevalo, JudyPDF DocumentN/APDF Document3/8/17N/AN/A N/A Location Map
CUP2017-00010 SEP2017-00005Three D Properties LLCPDF DocumentPDF DocumentPDF Document4/4/17N/AN/A N/A Location Map
SUB2017-00004Stan GillPDF DocumentN/APDF Document N/AN/A PDF Document3/17/17Location Map
CAO2017-00001Carlie ShuelPDF DocumentN/APDF Document3/21/17N/AN/A N/A Location Map
CUP2017-00018Scout Lake FarmingPDF DocumentN/AN/A N/AN/A N/A Location Map
SEP2017-00009Yakima County Public Services, Planning DivisionPDF DocumentPDF DocumentPDF Document4/5/17N/AN/A N/A Location Map
SEP2017-00010Yakima CountyPDF DocumentN/AN/A N/AN/A N/A Location Map
CUP2017-00027Maricela SalazarPDF DocumentN/AN/A N/AN/A N/A Location Map